If you’re looking for a firm that will focus on your individual needs, and always treats you like the client who matters, look no further. Burr Business Service is large enough to offer a full range of professional services, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve.

We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

We offer a number of services to small businesses and individuals including:


Whether you currently do not have an accounting staff or your business is outgrowing its current bookkeeping system, we can help. We provide comprehensive bookkeeping and write-up services to ensure the smooth operation of the financial side of your business. As your business needs grow and change, we can provide input and planning assistance to make sure your accounting and financial systems keep up with your business needs.

Payroll Services

Federal, state and local laws and tax regulations are constantly changing. This can make payroll management an ongoing challenge for business owners. Our payroll services professionals stay up to date on these laws and regulations. We’ll alert you to any changes that may affect your business and your employees, while also keeping payroll running smoothly as your business grows.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Properly planning for the future includes minimizes your future tax liability. We will help you manage both your personal and your business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status. We have decades of experience with the changings state and local tax legislation and other developments that may affect you and your business. We’ll guide you in the best ways to reduce federal, state or local tax liabilities.

Business Entity Selection

Choosing the right business entity—LLP, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.— for your business is a serious decision that has enormous financial and tax implications. We can guide you and explain each choice and its implications to help you make the right decisions for now and as your business grows.

Financial Statement

Financial statements are an important tool for management and decision making. They represent your business to lenders, partners, potential buyers and other interested parties. We will work closely with you to develop and finalize accurate and timely financial statements.

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business might be one of the biggest decisions you make. We do not take this lightly. Ready to sell? We can provide support at every step such as valuing the business, vetting potential buyers and supporting due diligence. Looking to buy? We can help by providing valuation services, developing negotiation and financing strategies, and managing the due diligence process.

Business Consulting

We care about the success of your business and have the knowledge and expertise to help you with business consulting projects. We can offer guidance to help you make the right financial decisions for the future of your business. From acquisitions or expanding to selling or restricting your business, we have the necessary expertise and analytical capabilities to help you make the right decisions.

IRS Representation

An IRS audit can be both intimidating and complex, requiring significant amount of time and resources. If you or your business faces an IRS audit, we’ll bring our years of experience in dealing with tax matters and IRS audit procedures to ensure that you are properly represented when dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities.

Sales Tax Services

We can help you understand and manage your sales tax obligations. We’re well versed in this area and can prepare sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

You know what they say about death and taxes, but consider this:

  • By the government’s own estimates, it takes the average U.S. taxpayer 28 hours and 30 minutes to complete their 1040 tax return – a 154% increase since the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
  • In 45 random audits of IRS transactions, the General Accounting Office reported 29 were incorrect – an error rate of 64%.
  • In a U.S. Treasury investigation, IRS employees answered taxpayers questions incorrectly about 50% of time.
  • The IRS publishes and distributes about 8 billion forms and notices a year – laid end to end, that would circle the earth 28 times.