All 2023 Forms may be filled in, saved and signed using the free version of the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. Please note that most newer browsers no longer open PDFs using Adobe Acrobat by default. If you open the form in your browser, it may not allow you to fill in and save unless you download to your computer and then open with Adobe Acrobat.

To save time when downloading more than one file, just point your mouse at a file, hold down the ALT button and then click on it to to save it to your DOWNLOADS folder.

To send us the files securely, please register for an account via our web site. We do not recommend emailing the completed forms as this can be done insecurely.

New Tax Clients, Please Upload:

  • A copy of your last year’s tax return
  • A signed copy of the current year’s Client Engagement Letter
  • A completed copy of the current year’s Client Questionnaire

Other Helpful Information:

New Payroll Clients, Please Upload: